3 Reasons to Get Off the Couch and Train Martial Arts in Winter

Winter is no joke. Long, dark months can really zap the life out of a person. Seasonal Affective Disorder, The Winter Blues, Seasonality – we have a wide vocabulary to describe the mood changes that come over many of us at this time of year.

While some opt for prescribed medication or light therapy, others get up off the couch and go train Martial Arts.

Training in Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ etc in winter offers a wide range of benefits. Let’s take a look at 3 of the most significant of these.

Get Lean

We tend to be less active in winter. We spend more time indoors too. Inside, the couch beckons to us. Netflix too! The fridge is well-stocked and within easy reach. Winter can be a time of indulgence – overindulgence even!

There is a price for that overindulgence though. It’ll be visible in expanding waistlines, among other areas.

Getting off the couch to get your sweat on in an MMA gym or Muay Thai class will keep you lean, or get you lean if you aren’t already.

Few workouts can match the overall body-toning gains Martial Arts training offers.

Improve Cardio

Avoiding winter weight gain isn’t the only boon of training in the Martial Arts. Living a sedentary lifestyle during these months can wreak havoc on the health of the heart and lungs. 

Martial Arts training provides a great way to boost the health of your cardiovascular system. Training in combat sports like Muay Thai or MMA offers an intense workout that will raise cardio fitness quickly and all without the monotony of endless hours on a treadmill or cross trainer.

Not to mention, the Martial Arts are lots of fun. Which brings us to our final reason to get off the couch and train Martial Arts in winter…

Make Friends

We’ve already mentioned the dreaded Winter Blues. And, while there is no doubt that training in the Martial Arts provides a great mood boost, this isn’t the only mental health benefits they provide.

We are social animals by nature. Getting down to the local MMA gym or Muay Thai academy a few times a week can ensure you make time for healthy interactions with others throughout the long winter months.

Feeling that connection to others is crucial to our mental wellbeing. In the Martial Arts, there is a unique camaraderie that often develops among training partners. The strongest bonds of friendship are frequently formed amid the toil and the sweat on the mats and in the ring.

So, the next time you are being lulled into a lazy slumber in front of the box on a cold winter’s evening, do yourself a favour and get to class!

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