Muay Thai For The Office Guy

As humans, we were never meant to spend our lives working at a desk in an office, but unfortunately is the reality for many in our population. Spending 40-60 hours a week not moving or not seeing the sun much can start to take a toll on one’s health. That’s why if you work in an office, Muay Thai is an amazing option that doesn’t just provide a great workout, but gives a peace of mind to help a white collar worker get through the monotony of their everyday life and be happier.


Not be Sedentary

The problem that comes with working in an office is you don’t get to move around much and not being able to get up and move leads to health problems such as back pain and obesity. Having the opportunity to go to a Muay Thai gym and attend classes learning to punch, kick, knee, and elbow will increase their muscular endurance, flexibility, and help an office worker battle those health problems that come from sitting at a desk all day.  


Having a Distraction

Guys working in office quite often get into a funk, where everything they do revolves around their job and they start to feel like they’re going to go crazy with stress and anxiety if something doesn’t change. Getting in the kickboxing gym and doing an hour of technique with mitt rounds is a great way to relax an office worker’s mind and take their thoughts off of work for a little while. Not only office workers, but anyone that works in any kind of industry can benefit from having an outlet from the stress and anxiety that builds up in their lives beating up a heavy bag and getting into great shape learning one of the best martial arts.


Easily Fits Into a Busy Schedule

One of the biggest excuses given by people that work long hours in an office is that they don’t have time to time to workout, but the great thing about a lot of Muay Thai and martial arts gyms is that they have schedules that will accommodate even the busiest white collar business person. It’s also not how much time you have, but what you do with the time you have and even taking just 2 classes a week will show huge benefits for them. There will be immediate positive changes in their work and personal life and what makes Muay Thai a great choice for a busy white collar professional.

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