Lockdown Day 1 – Over coming adversity

Over coming adversity starts with feeding the spirit.

The way to feed your spirit is to find what you are grateful for. There is rejuvenation in the spirit when when we stop taking things for granted. So many of us focus on what’s going wrong in our lives (including myself) and forget to see the beauty in what we already have. We focus on the 1% negatives of the day rather than the 99% of the positives in our day. If we can take time to reflect and reflect on what we are grateful for then we will have a whole new perspective on life.

Everyday we wake up and we are bombarded with the negativity in the world and constantly checking for updates, all we see on social media and hear about in public is the death toll rising, when we go to sleep at night we hear reports about how bad things are getting. Then when things get worse we complain about how bad things keep happening to us. It’s not that bad things keep happening, it’s just that we keep focusing on the negative and what keeps going wrong. I am notorious about whinging about the negatives and sometimes let it get to me. The recent events has made me realise how lucky I actually am to have a roof over my head, food to eat and people who love me

Today I am grateful for having a beautiful supportive girlfriend who has been supportive of everything I do in life, my family, and the opportunity to share Martial Arts with the community Denis and I have created at ACSA Melbourne.

Even though we are faced with physical isolation it doesn’t mean we have to go through this alone. We can finally use social media for what it was designed for and connect us in times like this. It will allow members to support each other and reach out and share problems we might have faced alone. We don’t have to go through these tough times alone.

Things are tough at the moment but they won’t last. They will probably get worse before they get better. Keep your mind positive and support one another. We can get through this.

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When one door closes, another opens. The journey never ends. This is the life I choose to live. This is my story.

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