How to get back into Muay Thai training after isolation

It’s been over a month since all Muay Thai and Martial Arts gyms have been closed. You’ve tried to stick to some sort of routine in these crazy times but have struggled. It’s been freezing cold and your diet has gone out the window because of all the extra snacks and Uber eats you have been eating. You are not alone! It looks like the possibility of gyms reopening is very soon and it’s time to get get back into it. The thought of resuming any sort of training regime seems difficult but you need a plan of attack. Here are some sure fire ways to get you back into training and feeling like yourself again.

1. Start slowly
Depending on how active you have been over the isolation period will dictate how you get back into your training. As a rule of thumb you should only make 10% increases when making a return to training after a lay off. It’s important that you also resume slowly! That means easing your way back into things to avoid injury. If you have been consistent with your online classes eg 2-3 times a week then resuming actual physical classes 2-3 times a week at moderate intensity should be fine. If you have been inactive over the entirety of the iso period then start with 1-2 classes per week. Rather than coming back day 1 and smashing out a 10km run followed by 5 x 5 minute rounds on the pads, stick to a technical skills session.

2. Set a goal and make a plan.
Before returning to training set yourself a goal. Make sure your use the SMART principles: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. A good example would be “Resume Muay Thai training my gym reopens and commit to 2 classes twice a week with a long term goal of grading at the first grading”. Once you’ve set a goal then it’s time to start planning. Write down the sessions you want to attend in your diary and tell your coach or someone. Get them to keep you accountable.

3. Change your mindset to focus on the long term.
Muay Thai training is about long term development and long term goals. It’s about refining your skill over the years and constantly readjusting goals. When you return to training this should be your focus, to get better at it over a long term period. Don’t get too excited just because the gym is reopen and jump in all guns blazing. I’ve seen it so many times over the years when people make a return to training and over do it in the first few weeks and injure themselves and have to take time off again. It then becomes a vicious cycle they fall into for years and never progress.

4. Focus on technique and skills.
It’s more than likely social distancing will be around for a while. Don’t dig yourself into a negative mindset and complain about how you just want to hit pads, spar and clinch. A true Martial Artists sees the opportunity in any situation and are resourceful with the resources they have. The best fighters in the world are the ones that can adapt to any situation and this this the mindset you want to have. It will be a good time to focus on technique and skill development and slow it down to a pace where you wouldn’t normally get a opportunity to.

5. Reconnect with people
Chances are no matter where you are in the world you haven’t had an opportunity to connect with people like you normally have. The beauty of Martial Arts is that it is the ultimate platform for bringing people together and connecting human beings through sharing a passion of personal development. When the gym reopens reconnect with old training partners and coaches and reach out to people who need to hear some kind words. Everyone has been through a lot lately and now is the time unite and get through this together.

I’m interested to hear how people are planning to make a return to training?

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