How Training Muay Thai Once a Week Can Help You Have More Clarity in Your Life

Not everyone who trains Muay Thai dreams of becoming a world champion.

In fact, most people who train don’t even want to compete.

People from all walks of life choose to train Muay Thai for a wide variety of reasons. Some train for the fitness and health benefits, while others train to gain confidence, or for self-defence purposes.

But, one of the greatest gifts training Muay Thai can give us in life, is that rare gift of clarity.

And, best of all, this can be attained by training as little as once a week.

Moving Meditation – Muay Thai Style!

We live in a complex world that places complex demands upon us, both personally and in our working lives.

It can be hard to switch off; to tune out the constant background noise of our responsibilities and daily interactions.

Training Muay Thai once a week offers us an oasis of clarity amid the clamour of the outside world.

Unlike many of the activities we engage in on an average day, there is no place for multitasking here. Muay Thai places very straightforward demands on us – it demands we be present and fully in the moment at all times.

Whether engaged in partner drills, pad or bag work, or sparring, you will be fully absorbed in what you are doing.

Over time, this will help you strengthen your ability to focus and see you sharpening a skill that will transfer well into other important areas of your life.

The Radical Honesty of Muay Thai

A powerful defining aspect of training in Muay Thai lies in its honesty.

You’ll find no false compliments here. No half-truths. Just 100% honesty at all times. Your training will give you constant forthright feedback on your progress.

As you uncover the limits of your physical and mental abilities, you’ll also develop an understanding of how to improve upon those limitations. You’ll also learn to appreciate just how rare and valuable this level of undiluted feedback is.

Ultimately, you’ll gain clarity on who you are; both your strengths and your weaknesses. This information you’ll find invaluable on your path to self-realisation – both inside and outside the gym.

We are often encouraged to think of the mind and body as separate and autonomous.

However, training in the art of Muay Thai teaches us that when we strengthen the body we also strengthen the mind and vice versa.

Our training teaches us that the two are inextricably linked and as we continue to train Muay Thai once a week, the clarity it brings will permeate all aspects of our lives.